Saturday, 30 December 2017

Self Care

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Self Care

Self care is so important yet can be so neglected at times as it is hard to recognise your own self neglect. I am writing this post on personal opinion and not a professional opinion, some of the tips have been suggested by professionals which I will point out. 

I really do believe it is important that we practice self care more than we do. It is important to take a break sometimes and reconnect with ourselves to see what is going on. This is where mindfulness is really important and can be really easily practiced. There are a few apps, Headspace(recommended by professional), calm, simple habit meditation. YouTube videos on mindfulness can also be helpful to some. Yoga, walking and meditation are some of the ways you can practice mindfulness. 

Now I am going to make a list on some self care tips that might be helpful for some of you, I am going to start with the ones I find most helpful to me.
  • Reading
  • Being with my dog
  • Listening to music
  • Having a bath
  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • Walking 
  • Exercise 
  • Talk to a friend
  • Cleaning your room
  • Blogging
  • Writing a journal
  • Mindfulness 
  • Acceptance of emotions, feelings etc...
  • Lighting candles
  • Writing thoughts down in a diary
  • Having a pamper session 
  • Rest
Your mental health should be as important as your physical health. You should be your own priority look after yourself. There is another App I'd like to mention and that is Vent. Vent allows you to choose an emotion and allows you to write why you are feeling that way, you can either share with everyone else on vent or keep it to yourself in your diary. There are also groups you can join, I think the community on vent very supportive. 

If anyone has any other ideas or advice please leave a comment below.

Hannah x

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Day 1

Day 1

So today I have slept from 5am until 3pm. I'm exhausted and all I want to do is go back to sleep. I have not even gone downstairs so far today. I am still in my pyjamas, sat in bed as I type.
I've not really felt hungry today, everyone is trying to make me eat something though. I have taken my tablets and feel very sleepy.

I was supposed to be at work today, I can't seem to get myself to go at the moment. I have hit a low and yesterday I self harmed, I was supposed to be at work yesterday but instead I was in A&E. My tiredness is taking over my life at the moment, its so draining to try and fight it that some days I just don't have the strength to fight back. It makes me so frustrated that I let it win.

I am still waiting to hear back from therapy so I can start, in the mean time I am trying to use an app called headspace which is practicing mindfulness. I plan on spending the rest of my evening relaxing watching TV and to have a nice relaxing bubble bath.

My story so far

<img src="image.png" alt="">I'd like to start at the beginning when I was first struggling with my mental health and was so confused why. I was 13, I was anxious, depressed and labelled as naughty. School was a massive struggle having to cope with people, lots of people it was stressful, I never really enjoyed school it was not an experience I really appreciated. I was bullied a lot and generally not coping well with my emotions. I spoke out to my doctor and I spoke to a teacher I was referred to the mental health team and also to a paediatrician, that's where it all began these questions and tests on what was wrong. 
14 I was finally diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety with low mood. There is where I began my first lot of medication and therapy. 
Fluoxetine, Equaysm Xl, Ritalin. I became worse I felt awful I was so anxious I didn't go to any lessons I could not cope, I had panic attacks being around people it was too much. I turned to cannabis or weed as we called it. Finally, a decent night sleep but more anxious than ever I first started to self harm, I hated who I was I just wanted to be 'normal'. Fluoxetine made things worse for me however, my mental health team refused that it was that and kept me on it until I was 16. I finally had left school my anxiety was lots better I was finally coping I received more therapy and remained on an even path for a good few months. This was until I had to start college, back onto fluoxetine at GPs request it all began again more panic attacks! This time making me very poorly, I was throwing up every time from where I had got myself into such a state and thinking I was going to die. I lost a stone in weight in just 2 weeks. I remember one night waking up into a panic attack and thinking I was having a heart attack I dialled for an ambulance thinking I was going to die, I never want to experience another panic attack again. 
Luckily I came off the fluoxetine after this as I felt I was coping well again. 

I then started on sertraline in June 2016, this was done by my GP. Sertraline has not given me any panic attacks, HURRAY!!!! I was very low and so tired all the time, I couldn't cope my mental health was slowly taking over me, I began to sleep so much I could barely cope with my job. I quit my job, I knew if this was going to carry on I would have to. I finally got referred to the mental health team, where I spoke to a nurse and a doctor about what to do my medication was increased and I was to attempt some more therapy. 
I then seen them again a few months later for it to be increased again, I was struggling a lot and that was 3 weeks ago. I felt so suicidal I wanted to take my own life, these thoughts have finally subsided for now, although I am still struggling with self harm right now I feel I'm finally on the road to recovery by being able to blog about it. Roll on my blogs from days at therapy.

First post to recovery

This is my first time ever using a blog. I am completely new to this so bare with me. My aim is to post my day by day life coping with mental health and my aim is recovery. I have had mental health problems for a few years now and sometimes recovery isn’t as straight forward as it may seem. From this post on I will be sharing with you my day and how recovery is going for me. I’d like to start with today I was very low and took myself to A&E I had self harmed and after seeking help I now need to start working on getting better.

Self Care

Self Care Self care is so important yet can be so neglected at times as it is hard to recognise your own self neglect. I am writi...