Saturday, 30 June 2018

Relapse Prevention

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Relapse Prevention

I had my last therapy session the other day, we spoke about creating a tool kit which I can use when I feel I might relapse. I know I have a blog post about Self Care which will definitely relate to this post a bit but I wanted to make this post as fresh post with more information I have learnt. Also because whilst going through this technique all I could think was I cant wait to write a blog post about this.

I tend not to write down my triggers mainly because I have so many and I am still learning to work on accepting that sometimes they don't need to trigger me but I guess that's just one the joys of BPD.

Anyway about this tool kit, I literally stated all the things that are available to me when I feel I might relapse and its made me realise how small some of the things are that help me to keep feeling stable and I just wanted to share the technique with all of you lovely lot.

  • Lighting my favourite candle
  • Having a bath
  • Going on twitter
  • Talking to friends 
  • Cuddling my dog
  • Walking my dog
  • Going to the gym 
  • Having a nap
These are the more easier things I find help when I am struggling. However, I know I also have other strategies when struggling more;

  • See my GP
  • Ring 116 123 (Samaritans)
  • Ring the crisis team
  • Ring 111
  • Go to A&E
Sometimes it can all be too much but each and everyone of us are here, we are all precious and deserve to be alive. Sometimes people just need time to themselves it's nothing personal self care is important and not selfish. 

Hannah x

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Feeling Strong Again

After 2 weeks of being really low and feeling like my life isn’t going anywhere, I suddenly have the urge to fight my mental health again. I’m feeling strong again, better than before and I am ready to kick my mental health away.

I’ve been to the doctors and been referred back to the community mental health team (CMHT) although this is a positive this time I feel I’m ready to achieve the maximum from the appointment. I feel I am ready to share my views and in hope that they listen to my views. I’ve been going to therapy also which is helping me slowly I know I need to make more effort.

I’d been totally knocked down looking for jobs and attending interviews and although I’ve got the agency work which hasn’t started yet I am still looking. I’ve got an interview Friday and it would be a lovely job but also very hard work but that doesn’t stop me. I know what I want and I’ve just got to keep fighting for it.

Hannah x
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Self Care

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