Saturday, 21 July 2018

How I've Been Feeling

How I've Been Feeling

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Most of you will know I have been feeling really awful over the last couple of days due to my relationship, a lot of you have been so lovely and supportive to me and I am so thankful! I have actually got back with my boyfriend after a long chat and many tears between the pair of us we are much more happy and stable. I adore him so much and I know he has been struggling himself with his mental health, we have both agreed to be more open about how we are feeling.

I have been struggling with suicidal thoughts and self harm, which the crisis team were absolutely horrible about and just asked what do I want. That wasn't easy for me to cope with of course but I have been a lot better now me and my boyfriend are okay. 

I am still waiting for my medication review but I have news that I will be attending therapy to prepare me for more therapy (DBT) which sounds funny to have to prepare for therapy in my opinion. 

I have been feeling pretty bored of not being able to be as active as normal as having my operation on my toes means I am not allowed to over do it until they heal properly which sucks so much. Hopefully they will be healed soon!

Overall I have been having a really tough time the last couple of weeks but I am hoping things are much brighter.

Hannah x

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